Sponsors and Supporters

  • Artists and Craftsman, Berkeley with special thanks to Dawline Oni-Eseleh for the little sketchpads for kids and for sending representatives to the sketchcrawl with special "Urban Sketchers" discount cards.
  • Bee Paper Company who sent us a huge heavy box full of wonderful Aquabee Super Deluxe, Recycled and large CoMo Sketchbooks. 
  • Blick Art, Oakland  with special thanks to Megan Torres for the 100 Blick's bags with acrylic paint, sketchpads and charcoal.
  • Cameron Stanford House with special thanks to Ann Swift for hosting our Sunday afternoon closing sketchbook sharing with lemonade and cookies on the terrace and tables to lay out our sketchbooks.
  • Green Copy at 5267 Broadway (at College) Oakland, CA 94618 for printing the maps, copies of the poster and other items.
  • Oakland Public Library Main Branch with special thanks to Kathleen DiGiovanni, Senior Librarian, Main Branch for hosting our sketchbook display and panel discussion. 
  • Oakland Tribune for publicizing the event with articles and columns written by reporter Brittny Mejia who interviewed several of us and Tribune columnist Annalee Allen.
  • Savoir Faire sent us a set of special USK-branded Sennelier accordian-style multimedia sketchbooks.
  • Stillman and Birn provided 2 dozen beautiful Alpha Sketchbooks that were quickly snapped up!
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